Chef Que Vinh Dang opens Quest


Chef Que Vinh Dang cemented his culinary status in Hong Kong when TBLS took the city's food landscape by storm.  Offering diners a unique approach to gourmet comfort fate, TBLS opened to rave reviews and quickly established itself as one of Hong Kong's most beloved restaurants.  TBLS closed amid much fanfare at the end of 2013.  

And now, we are excited to announce Chef Dang's newest culinary venture.   With the opening of Quest, Chef Dang returns to the fine dining scene in full force, eager to conquer new culinary frontiers with his latest restaurant concept.

“I miss this kind of cooking,” Dang says. “The urge to cook and constantly learn and explore new things has inspired me to do something like Quest. This project is not about recreating TBLS; it’s about taking what I learned there and evolving it into something more refined. Quest is about satisfying my curiosities about food.”

Built upon sturdy foundations based on the skill and creativity, Quest aims to celebrate inspiration with inventive and playful degustation menus.

Please visit or contact for more information.